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Our Process

Streamlined, Stress-Free, and Simple

Our standard is to have your loan underwritten within 10 days. On a typical 30 or 45 day close, this means you’ll have a three week cushion to avoid any last minute surprises. Instead, you can focus on your life. We highly value your time and have created a process to minimize the energy you need to spend thinking about your loan.

Initial Conversation

This first step is critical. We spend time to fully understand your motivations and goals. Having a complete picture of your objectives, as well as your credit-worthiness, expectations can be set properly and clearly. Our mortgage experts will offer various solutions in order to find a best fit for you.


Once we have a firm grasp of your home ownership goals, we'll gather as much financial information as possible up-front. This will build momentum for the loan process. Together, we'll create the basis for a successful, transparent, and stress-free home buying experience. This step is non-binding and doesn't involve any cost.

Basic Documentation

Buying a home requires coordination and teamwork. This is where we'll be relying on your support to provide the basic financial documentation that we request. This typically includes tax returns, pay stubs, and bank statements, among other items. Our commitment to you is to communicate clearly regarding what's needed up-front and quickly.


The appraisal determines the marketability of your new home purchase. This critical stop can cost days or weeks if not done correctly. We demand the highest standards from our appraisal management company in which professional, efficient appraisers are dedicated to their craft. We'll follow up on appraisal timelines for inspection and report delivery, keeping you informed the entire time.

Conditional Approval

Our standard is to identify, gather, and evaluate your financial support within 24 hours of receipt, allowing us to provide loan approval with conditions within a week. Conditional approval is the first and biggest milestone in the loan process. Once you're here, you're fast on your way to keys for your new home! Our commitment to an early conditional approval puts you weeks ahead of a typical loan process timeline. This leads to a stress-free process without all the rushing at the end.

Conditions are the pieces of support in order to reach final loan approval. Normal conditions include updated bank statements (showing proof of funds to close) and written verification of employment, among others.

Final Loan Approval

Congratulations! At this point, the last remaining conditions have been received, reviewed, and cleared. All of your hard work has paid off, and you're ready to move into final signing.


Now that all the heavy lifting, documentation gathering, and underwriting have been completed, it's time to sign the final paperwork! We'll meet with you and your realtor to summarize the finer points of your new mortgage, note, deed, and HUD-1, as well as other items. You'll leave your final signing with a deserved sense of accomplishment in a stress-free situation, feeling excited to get your keys!

One quick note: buying in Hawaii is a little different than many continental states. We'll sign final loan documents, then fund a couple days afterwards. Funding is when lender proceeds are sent to your escrow company. Hawaii state law requires that your escrow company then season those funds for 48 hours, after which your loan will officially record. You'll then get your keys and piece of paradise!


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